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Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Thank You One Time Airline!"

I have often seen at conferences empty poster boards with small notes saying "Thank You Delta Airlines" or "Thank you United Airlines". Posters appear to be the most difficult thing to transport by plane! Before the conference I was at in Glasgow in July our posters went astray and then turned up looking like they'd been run over by the plane! This time our posters went astray and didn't reappear! So I have fulfilled a life-goal of having an empty poster board! Since all the posters from our department had gotten lost together they were reprinted so that we could still present our work. So no harm done!


We all had a go!

Physiological Society of Southern Africa!

The PSSA Conference was at the Glenburn Lodge at the Cradle of Humankind,

just outside JoBurg. Pretty nice setting!

Western Cape National Park

The ocean is pretty nice too up at the National Park!

There is a beautiful view of Table Mountain in the distance (but too far away to photograph!) so you can trust me on that one!

The Flowers!

It's an amazing sight at this time of year to see the wild flowers in this area (and north). They are like a carpet of yellow over fields and fields of land. When we visited the Western Cape National Park it was a few weeks too early so there's a hint of what it should look like - but it just gets yellow-er! Absolutely stunning though.

It was the day that Scotland played South Africa in a friendly in the rugby (hence the running through the fields with a Scotland rugby shirt picture below).

Earlier in the day, a guy in Cape Town stopped me and said

"If you beat us today, I'll break your glasses!"

I replied "I don't think you have anything to worry about!!"

Visit from a fellow Scot (and Celt!)

Drove through the Franschhoek Valley with Alistair. We stopped at a BP to use their pristinely clean toilets (a surprise when we got there!) and met a couple of Glasgow Rangers fans!

Saw quite a few baboons at the side of the road while driving through the mountains. None at the BP garage though.


Nope, I didn't partake. But I am aware that it was my New Years resolution to learn to surf this year! Good job the summer is approaching in South Africa.

Otherwise I can join the others without the bodies to surf ... and take up fishing!

Betty's Bay Beach!


Little people foot prints ...

Rod & Robin

2 minute walk to the beach ...

The view (and walk) from the house to the beach ... through the undergrowth and pretty flowers!

Betty's Bay

We stayed at Charis's house in Betty's Bay. (Yes, that's little silver outside).

Kerry-Ann and Megan

Megan, Rod & Robin

Rod & Megan

Back in South Africa ...

Here's the sun setting as we drove along the beautiful coastal road out to Betty's Bay. Back in South Africa again!

And lovely Megan!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Celtic 1-0 Parma!

Managed to get to a game while I was home. And introduce Gary to Celtic Park! What an honour. They won their first pre-season game while we were there ...

My friends ...

Anne and Me!

Me and Vikki!

Graham, Clare & Anne

Clare, Anne, Me & Ros

Clare, Anne, Me, Ros & Vikki