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Sunday, August 26, 2007

My other favourite place ...

Erin with Brother Walfrid.

The trophies from last season ...

Thankfully I just sat here for a picture and didn't really sign -

though am happy to share the seat with those famous signings!


A few pictures of some Glasgow sights!
George Square and the City Chambers

The Squinty bridge over the river Clyde

The famous statue with the police cone! Infront of the Gallery of Modern Art.

The Coat of Arms of Glasgow:

There's the tree that never grew,

There's the bird that never flew,

There's the fish that never swam,

There's the bell that never rang.

Fish and Chips ...

In Fort William we introduced Erin to her first fish & chips out of the bag! While sitting in the pouring rain!!

Sheep, sheep and more sheep ...

Along the drive back to the mainroad we encountered a herd of sheep going on a journey! Instead of your typical shepherd, there was a guy waving a shirt around. Didn't seem to help direct the sheep any - they were into gardens and into ditches and all over the place!

Divach Falls

A small "scenic" star was beside this on the map so we took a drive up a one track road and a hike down to Divach Falls. And my mum and me again! Though it wasn't just the two of us ...

We found Nessie ....

Loch Ness!
And we found the famous Nessie!

Urquhart Castle - Loch Ness

The remains of Urquhart Castle at Loch Ness. And my mum and I at the Castle. I'm told I have an expressive face ... not sure what happened here ...

Through Glencoe ...

Glencoe is the most famous Scottish glen (so the guidebooks say!). It was a beautiful drive ... though the pictures were taken out of the car window so aren't so great. Still, beautiful it was.

Scottish Piper in the Highlands ...

As we drove up through Scotland, lo and behold there was a random Scottish piper playing his bagpipes! Not the average sight in the Scottish highlands but fairly entertaining. I think I laughed at it all day!

Loch Lomond ...

My favourite place on earth! Loch Lomond.

Men in Kilt Towels ...

You never know who you're going to see in the West End of Glasgow! Nigel was up for his birthday so we had a small reunion of our Physiology class. Kilt towels (inspired by this evening) became the favourite present of the summer!

Highland Cows!

Always a must to visit the Hairy Moo's in Pollok Park!

In Honour of Rolo ...

My first and last pictures of Rolo!

My first pavlova!

I successfully made my first pavlova while I was home. Seeing as the last time we had a pavlova lesson I was the chief nip-to-the-shops for what we'd forgotton! Not too bad this time though!

Royal Mile - Edinburgh

A couple of pics of the Royal Mile which stretches from Edinburgh Castle to the palace. With plenty of touristy shops!

Edinburgh - the capital of Scotland!

Edinburgh Castle

Princes Street

My first week home I met up with Melina in Edinburgh and we did a bus tour! Obviously very educational! Or maybe just a chance to catch up with each other!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Scotland ...

However, when I finally made it back, 23 hours delayed, it was worth it! Even though the picture looks like I took it while I was drunk, that's not the case!

Cape Town Airport ...

I think these were taken on my second trip to Cape Town Airport in a very short space of time. My flight was delayed 24 hours after some plane problems which also corresponded with the terrorist attack at Glasgow Aiport (where I was meant to be arriving the next day). So after checking-in, boarding the plane, eating dinner, watching half a film, passing 5 hours of the night on the plane, we de-boarded and went to a hotel for the night!!