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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Livingstone, Zambia

Livingstone, so named by (or after) David Livingstone ... an interesting little place! It's on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls right beside the Zimbabwe border.


The men in the markets! They gave me all sorts of necklaces and bracelets ... hoping that we'd buy stuff!

Fruit markets

I love the way African women tie their babies to their backs!

We met all sorts of interesting folk our first day in Livingstone! A Scottish lady who'd married a Zambian guy and they were running a pub in Livingstone, her mother was out visiting from Rutherglen! A man in the supermarket (dodgy supermarket where stuff was open, warm, half eaten!) who knew about British politics and all sorts. Amazing to chat with the guys in the stalls about football/soccer. One guy had a Frank Lampart shirt on and I said I wouldn't buy from a Chelsea fan ... they knew all about the teams and who was playing and when!! They weren't so clued up about Celtic but I did my best to educate them!

Jollyboys - Livingstone, Zambia!

After an early mornng trip to the airport (thanks Craig), we set off on our African adventure. Our first stop was Livingstone, Zambia. And Jollyboys backpackers ... (thanks Claude!).

Our chalet!

Me in our little shack ... with ALL of our stuff! Our bags didn't make it through JoBurg airport so we had our little carry-on bags for a few days. We must have been known as the girls who didn't change their clothes! But we fit right in.

Gingerbread Christmas Tree!

It's customary to make a gingerbread Christmas tree ... somewhere in the world! Starts with gingerbread stars and they form a Christmas tree (if someone hasn't eaten half of them before you start!)

They're stuck together with icing ...

And decorated with Christmas bobbles ....

A masterpiece!
Even if the icing was a bit runny!

And Craig slept through the whole gingerbread Christmas tree making attempt!

Sunset at Betty's ...

The Beach ...

I love the beach at Betty's Bay ... when I'm there, I feel like I could stay there forever!

On the beach ... Wendy, Charis, Craig, Christiaan, Carolyn ...

Charis & Christiaan


Trying to take a picture of us together turned out quite funny ... I look like I'm ready to take Carolyn out with a knife to her stomach and then striking her across the face!!

After many attempts at getting a picture of me with my eyes open at the beach this one seems to have almost gotten it! And it's a good picture as far as ones of me go!!

Playing Pool ... kindof!

At least Christiaan has a pool cue ....

We just threw the balls at each other!

Betty's Bay ...

Before we set off on our African adventure we stayed overnight at Betty's Bay ... and as always, it was lovely!

Christiaan & Charis (shortly before - or after - the chair toppled!)




I always seem to have my pjs on in pictures from Betty's Bay (see pictures posted on Facebook by other people!!) but here we are and I have the same pjs on as in the other pictures. Note to self - take different pjs to Betty's next time!!

Up at the top ...

It was a lovely day to get to the top of Table Mountain and hike across it all! And thankfully I survived ... the others were in better shape than me :o)

Climbing ...

Some of the trail did involve climbing .... (including up a waterfall which was pretty cool - there wasn't much water!)

And there were some stunning views along the way!

Climbing Table Mountain ...

Here we are at the bottom of table mountain ... prior to the great ascent. Sherpa Craig was our trusty guide for the day and in just over 5 hours (I think) we ascended from Kirstenbosch Gardens side up the mountain.

Some views of Cape Town before we started!

We got to ride in the back of Craig's truck ... (before we started hiking!)

Our trusty Sherpa with Carolyn.

The view to the top ... (are we mad?!)