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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday 2010

For my birthday this year and I had some folks over to the house. Marelise and Rico did a nice job making my flat cool and party-worthy! I'm not sure who took all the pictures but here's a selection of the evening!

The cool outside!!

The food ...

Dominoes outside ...

[Mark looks like he's wearing a snorkle!]

And me! Or part of me at least.


Dorp St Flat ...

I realise that I haven't put any pictures of my newest flat on my blog so here are a couple when the house was tidy before my birthday, with a few extra chairs and things around! The window seat (below) isn't always there! Living room/kitchen and the main bedroom.

The Stormers ...

The day after my birthday Craig and Katie took me to Newlands Rugby Stadium for the first time. The Stormers had been on good form and the rumours were that it'd be a high scoring game! It wasn't. And the Stormers lost. But they have since gotten over my first trip to their ground and are doing well for the season, thankfully!

This is a bit of a "where's the ball?" picture. The punted guy has it! It's just difficult to see against the crowd.

My favourite - the guy selling hot chocolate (which comes with marshmallows). I think they should try to introduce this to Celtic Park ... or perhaps better for Roy Keane's prawn sandwich brigade at Old Trafford!

Travel in South Africa ...

Getting from one place to another ... this was taken on the highway on our way to the rugby!

New Year's Resolution 2010: Smoking a Pipe

One of my to-do things for 2010 was to smoke a pipe. And when better to do it than on my birthday! Thanks to the master pipe smoker for his tobacco and pipe!!

Birthday Picnic ...

My birthday fell on a Thursday this year. After visiting the kids at the orphanage, Marelise and Rico took me to the magical tree spot for a picnic. It was lovely. Happy Birthday me!!

Rico holding nature!

Marelise and Rico at the magical tree spot