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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Mum!

Dinner on the day with my Aunt and Uncle

Karen and Brian

Connie and Margaret

Margaret, Moira and Connie

Margaret, Margaret, Margaret and Jan!

Kathie, Nathaniel and Darryl

John, Helen and Peter

Mina, Mary, Anne, Peggy, Jan, Ruby and Edith

Iain, Maddie, Anne and Jan

Fiona, Henry, Joy, Pip, Faith and Jan (Grace by phone!)

Jean, David, Graeme, Jan and Hazel

Katie, Morag & Edwin

Jan and May

Catherine, Sam and Mary

Tennis ladies ... May, Pauline, Myra, Jan, Silvia, Betty, Jeanette, Moira, Marian, Diana, Liz, Maureen

Liz, Pauline, Jan, Maureen, May

Maddie, Katie, Peter

Towards the later part of the night Billy Gnome came out ... here with Diane and Jaimie

Anne, Ros, Naomi, Clare (and Billy)

Graham, Bill, Sheila, Ros, Jan, Anne and Clare (the stairs are brilliant for pics it seems!)

Bill Shankly

The famous Liverpool man was born just up the road from where my parents live in Ayrshire, in Glenbuck.