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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our own Safari!

These pictures were taken on our DIY safari in the reserve that we were staying. That's probably why the animals continue to bolt in the opposite direction! They're not used to Scottish visitors :o)

Some zebras (running).

Our car! It was a bit off-road-y.

My favourite pictures from the week are these of the giraffes. It was just me in the field with the giraffes!

Evening with the animals ...

We took a walk near our chalet where we were staying and came across some interesting sights!

A herd of Wildebeasts who upon seeing us ran in the other direction (have never been able to scare anyone, let alone a herd of animals!)

And a stare-out competition between us and the animals! I think we won and they ran like the others.

The Cradle Reserve

Our state of the art thatched chalet (with a bit of electricity and a bit of running water!)

We stayed a couple of extra nights at the Cradle Reserve. It's a private reserve with restaurant and conference areas. Our thatched roof chalet was at the other end of the reserve and there was just us and a bunch of animals roaming the area! We were in the middle of nowhere.