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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Erin's Seattle Pics

And I borrowed some of Erin's photos because a) they're very good and b) she saw a bit more of Seattle than I did! Thanks E!

Mt Rainier

Lora and Erin in Seattle!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Next stop was Seattle for a conference. Some random pictures from the 5 days there ...

Mark and Lindsay at the Red Lion Hotel ...

Looking out to Mount Rainer

Pike Place Market

The very first Starbucks!

Live music!

Places to watch the Champions League Final and Scottish Cup Final had Celtic got there!

On our way to the harbour ...

And this pictures doesn't really fit anywhere else but I enjoyed taking some B&Ws of the area!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I realise that in my whirly-wind tour of friends in the US, that I have a wonderful network of people who have (and continue to be) my family, people who have influenced me greatly, have looked after me well and have been so faithful to me. Thanks for that!

I had a great time in Colorado Springs visiting with the Gonzalez's ... Gary - who I've known since I was 13, the rest since I was 15. We've had a lot of adventure together, and lots of laughs. Thanks for living life with me.

Krysta and the Wii

Carley and Boo

Nathan the man!

Andrea likes to tidy and sort ...

We had a bonfire with the Searle's and melted smores outside on Memorial Day ...

... the art of smores .. without burning your head!

... and some of my favourite's ...

Ohio family time ...

As always ... great time in Athens visiting my Ohio family ... even when Mark had the knife!

Kate has the amazing ability to defy time ... and a lot of other things ;-)

Lovely time with everyone (except Molly - missed you!) but good times chatting and laughing and perhaps some wine aswell ;-) So glad to have the opportunity to stop by Athens. Thanks for being my Ohio family and for looking after me so well!

The Annual Oches Cookout ...

Pre-people everything was organised and Barry, Mark and the dogs had some time looking out the back ...

Barry had some help with the grill ...

And then went looking for what we thought was sticks to toast marshallows ... but the little uns came back with larger tree branches!!

Plenty of hanging and chatting throughout the evening ... good times!

Lydia being beautiful! (And playing hide and seek)

I think this is the age old pose?

And at the end of the night Barry got a little tied up ...