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Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

So I’m just about uptodate with pictures on my blog. Heading out on a little Southern African adventure on the 17th so I wanted to post a “Merry Christmas” and hope that it’s a lovely Christmas.

It’s quite surreal spending Christmas in a warm place. Seeing santa sweating in his suit, hearing “White Christmas” while wandering around in shorts is quite unique. I never knew that I associate the dark, cold and wet of December in Scotland so much with Christmas time!

Heading up to Victoria Falls (Zambia) this week for a few days to see the wonderful sight, do some white water rafting on the Zambezi (supposedly the best river to raft on!). Spending Christmas in an orphanage in the north of Mozambique. I am sure that will be an eye-opener and an adventurous way to spend Christmas loving some little ones.

With love to you all. Have a great Christmas!


paul said...

merry christmas to you too!

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