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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Introducing .... Glasgow .....

My friend Han made her first trip out of the train station in Glasgow ... and what an introduction she had to Glasgow! We went to a little pub off George Square for a quick bite to eat ... which was fine until the old guy at the next table had a small accident in his pants and it smelled awful! We had to move tables in order to eat our food!! Then we returned to the pictures where we were escorted out by a security guard because Han's bag was too big (incidently the last time I was at that particular cinema there was a big fight broke out in the middle of the movie!!). So we never did make it to see the film. Upon return to peaceful and proper Newlands, to my parents house, there was someone throwing up their guts over the fence across the road!! Thankfully Hannah gave us the benefit of the doubt and stayed!! Lovely to see you.

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