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Sunday, June 28, 2009


I realise that in my whirly-wind tour of friends in the US, that I have a wonderful network of people who have (and continue to be) my family, people who have influenced me greatly, have looked after me well and have been so faithful to me. Thanks for that!

I had a great time in Colorado Springs visiting with the Gonzalez's ... Gary - who I've known since I was 13, the rest since I was 15. We've had a lot of adventure together, and lots of laughs. Thanks for living life with me.

Krysta and the Wii

Carley and Boo

Nathan the man!

Andrea likes to tidy and sort ...

We had a bonfire with the Searle's and melted smores outside on Memorial Day ...

... the art of smores .. without burning your head!

... and some of my favourite's ...

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