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Friday, May 4, 2007

Afrikaans ....

This is the building we have Afrikaans class in. In the "Skatkamer" which means "treasure room" ... understood "kamer" as the only Afrikaans word I came to South Africa with was "Badkamer" meaning bathroom. Thanks Dan!

The words are huge! In Afrikaans a concept becomes one word. So, for example, the word for peanut butter sandwich is:
The class is going fine and I am doing well but I don't know that I'll ever master it too much! There are a lot of pronunciations which sound like "ch" (in the Scottish pronunciation of loch) and like creating a large amount of spit in the back of your throat! Potential to get quite messy :o) The great source of entertainment are the other people in the class and the teacher!! We'll see if that remains after an hour oral exam in a couple of weeks!!

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