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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day 2 on the River!

Rafting partner on day 2 - Rebecca!
Camp on the 2nd night (South African side)

Day 2 on the river was a little more eventful! After lunch I rafted with Rebecca and evidently we managed to lose everyone in the group! We knew that there was a couple of rafts behind us (out of sight) and everyone else ahead (also out of sight). We enjoyed the sunshine and chat and managed to manouver without too many problems ... until the river split! Of course we took the wrong side and ended up walking with our raft. We graciously pointed out to the rafts behind us (which caught up) that they should take the other course, which they did. And sailed on by without offering to help! But we made it to the 2nd night's camp - only 2 hours after everyone else!
Needless to say when Europeans get together (even on a river in South Africa) there's always someone who brings a football!

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