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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lab Party ...

We had a lab party at Ken & Jan's house (with the pool!) ... most of the pictures are self-explanatory!!

Mike, Ben, Ryan, Jacques

Obi, Rabih, Judeh


Eating ...

Jacques, Craig, Ken

Ken and the girls - Camile, Kristen, me, Anastasia, Amal

Rabih, Oscar, Judeh, Ryan, Anthony

Marcus, Mike, Alyx, Ben, Jacques

Amal, Marcus

Ken and Jan

Craig, Alyx

Camille, Kristen (love this one!)

ChrisD, Alyx, Oscar


Mike, Camille

1 comment:

The Insane Ph.D. said...

I love those pictures! But I don't quite think you captured the green hue of the swimming pool...