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Sunday, July 18, 2010

World Cup 2010

With the World Cup approaching I travelled back to South Africa on a plane with World Cup visitors including a bunch of Mexicans with large sombreros, peacock feathers and other fancy dress!!

South Africa hosted an amazing event and it was surely a dream come true for a footy/soccer fan as myself to live through it. Apart from supporting South Africa (who didn’t?) I had no other serious ties (apart from Algeria) and it was thoroughly enjoyed. A couple of weeks into the tournament I voiced that I wanted the World Cup to last forever. Not long after I realised I may never get *anything* done if the World Cup continued!

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing 4 games at the Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town, to watch at the fan park and walk the fan walk on a number of different occasions. But, I also got to watch games in some really random and fun places … my house (!), others houses, Italy in an Italian restaurant (with all the Italians taking the day off!), AmazinK in the Kayamandi township, various wine bars, restaurants and pubs but I think one of the most fun places to watch was England v Germany in the knockout stages where we watched at Cape Town Airport! The atmosphere was brilliant and we had a fun mix of English, German and alsorts of other fans.

Certainly 4 weeks of memories and a wonderful experience for me. I highly recommend being part of the World Cup and the first in Africa was certainly sensational!

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