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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mozambique Airlines ... an adventure in itself!

We flew Mozambique Airlines (LAM) from Maputo to Pemba in the north of Mozambique. When I had tried to book the flights they had requested that I go to Mozambique to pay for them. Upon telling them that I was in South Africa, they said that we could just pick the tickets up when we arrived and assured me that all would be well!!

Here we are flying as Mrs Carolyn Dicus and Mr Naomi Brooks. Initially they wouldn't let us check in because our tickets were both for Carolyn!

We flew from Maputo to Pemba and the plane put down every hour to drop off and pick people up. At landing everyone got off the plane and we were shoe-horned into a little holding room for about 20 minutes before having to reboard and take off again. It was interesting to see some of Mozambique out of the window of the aeroplane. It's a beautiful country (as seen from the air!).

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