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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Elephant encounters ...

When in Africa ... one must have an elephant encounter!!! We stopped at an elephant sanctury just outside Plettenburg Bay and visited with some elephants (and their keepers!).

The elephants here have all been rescued from something. One elephant was previously a child's pet and used to watch tv on the couch - until it got too big!! A couple of the elephants had been rescued after being caught in traps which damaged their trunks. The sanctury aims to educate people about elephants and allow them experiences such as walking with the elephant (holding hand to trunk), feeding the elephants, watching elephant activities etc. There is the opportunity to have a ride on an elephant also.

Erin walking with Thandi ...

Me trying to walk with Thandi who didn't want to hold my hand!!

They tell you to be careful not to walk too closely infront of the elephant incase it stands on you!! Thandi and I walked together for a short while!!

Erin and I both sat on Thandi for a ride! When I asked the elephant-driver (Rocky) how long he'd worked at the sanctuary he replied "oh, two weeks!" to which he then started laughing!! I held onto him quite tightly when the elephant heard some trucks and started flapping it's ears!

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