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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 1 on the mountain!

We had our debriefing the night before and the plan was that we'd all be ready for off after breakfast on Day 1. Here we are at breakfast ... nearly ready!! I couldn't reduce the amount of nonsense I'd brought (though the duct tape would have been helpful on the trail!), Carl and Chris were waiting for their luggage to arrive (hiking in flip flops, Carl?) but we were all excited to set off on our adventure ...

Charlie, Carl, Liz, Elspeth, Tina, Chris, Rachael, Beulah, Mel, Randy

We had a 2 hour drive to the Rongai gate. Our vehicle got a flat tyre and the roads were partially made dirt roads at the best of times. I felt so sick by the time we got to the Kilimanjaro Park gate I was worried I'd be the first person they sent back before even setting foot in the park!! Thankfully not.

Rachael and Charlie doing some exercises before we began the treck!

Most of the 4 hours hiking on the first day was on a path. Washington, sporting a Southampton shirt, was the guide in charge. The only instruction we got was "pole-pole" meaning slowly-slowly. And that's the one thing I did master on the treck!!

Pole-pole, and plenty of stopping!!

By the time we arrived at the campsite each day the tents were all set up. The porters who carreid the tents, our major baggage, food, accessories, and other random items, were amazing. The fancy tent in the middle wasn't ours!!

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate was all ready for us!!

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