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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pre-climb Day!

Because I was flying from South Africa and the rest of the group coming (indirectly or directly) from the UK, I arrived a day early so that I'd be there in time for the briefing on the night before. It worked out well to arrive a day early - and I also found out a number of our group did the same thing.

Mel, soon to become my trusty tent-mate, had arrived a week early from Uganda and had met a friend of mine from Glasgow en route to Kilimanjaro. Marion was hiking the week prior to us and I was hoping to meet her somewhere along the trail!! As it turned out my path with Marion didn't cross, but Mel arrived at our hotel with alsorts of information about me!!

We visited a Chagga museum denoting the culture of the people in the area. Here is a grass hut - typical of the chunga people. The guy giving the tour talked about the people a lot and told us they used to keep animals inside the hut. Understandably so. We didn't anticipate how large the animals were who were inside ...

The Chagga people have a tradition where if you are seeking forgiveness you can leave a folded leave (as above) over the door of the hut, and forgiveness must be granted.

Mel and I took to the streets and went looking for a rumoured waterfall ... after a few wrong turns and missing a large sign saying "waterfall" we found it ... a nice leisurely wander on our acclimatization day ...

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