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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The top of Kilimanjaro!

I had greeted everyone on their way down from Uhuru Point and when I got there it was just me, the famous sign and our guide, Lastie. I had wanted to do a handstand at the top and talked about it all week, but thought that I might die at the top undertaking such a physically challenging task! As it turned out I felt absolutely fine and did two handstands! Evidently ascending very slowly takes forever but helps with the symptoms!

It was beautiful to sit at the top and ponder ... and recover from the exertion of 2 handstands!! And 5 days of hiking at high altitude!

The Sunderland hat hanging on the top belonged to Charlie's Mum. His dream was to have it buried at the top of Kilimanjaro so when he didn't come further than Gilman's Point I took the mantle to finish the task and fulfil the dream!

Lasty and I buried the Sunderland Cap and put some rocks on it.

God Bless li'l Peg, and God Bless Charlie.

Beautiful views as we returned to Gilman's Point - slightly quicker than leaving it!

Lastie and I on the way down, as the clouds came in! MUCH faster ... skree-ing?!? Using ones bottom helped!!

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