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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 2 on the Mountain!

Day 2 on the mountain it rained, and rained, and rained!! I'd been advised to assume that every day would rain and then I'd be pleasantly surprised if it didn't rain all the time (thanks Mark Baker!). That wouldn't have worked so well! The rainy day was pretty miserable - no views, we were all pretty soaked through and our stuff was wet when we arrived at the campsite. Despite that, we all persevered on!!

Our guides - Hans, Lastie, Washington and Obote

Before the rain really started ...

The first set of caves ....

My famous pink hiking poles (thanks Marelise!) and my backpack which we all suspect to be lined with large rocks - it was really heavy every day even with nothing inside! The rain cover did nothing apart from collect water underneath and kept nothing dry!!

The porters washing up the lunch stuff.

Washington and Hans.

And the view ... of not too much!!

Arriving ... a little more wet than when we set off!!

Getting ready for dinner. Most of us were wet, with varying degrees of wet clothes in our tents. Charlie came in his pjs as they were the only thing dry!!

My side of the tent ... I wasn't cold at all (thanks Claude for the sleeping bag) and apart from having some wet stuff, and a wet me after day 2, I was mostly warm and happy!

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