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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 4 - Up to Kibo Huts

Day 4 we woke up with snow outside our tents! No wonder it was chilly!! Day 4's trail included walking across the saddle towards Kibo Huts. It took forever (or maybe I'm just slow!!). When we got to the saddle, the landscape was almost lunar in feel - with not much on either side. A few rocks here and there!

Lastie and Charlie resting!

Me, and Kilimanjaro!

The porters coming by ... I was told that to carry things on your head is a learned task from a young age. It's not something that I could develop this late on in life!!

Rachael and Mawenzi ...



Charlie and Rachael looking amazing!

Chris and Kilimanjaro! the mountain doesn't seem to be getting any closer! The longer we walked the longer it seemed to take and our initial "oh, we'll be there in about 20 mins" turned into hours!!

All of us ... just about! Hans, Beulah, Chris, Carl, Obote, Rachael, Liz, Elspeth, Tina, Lastie, Charlie ... Randy had gone ahead and Mel? I double checked this - Mel was in the picture before but it had Charlie's back in it. Now she's either taken her bright jacket off and disappeared, or is hiding behind Beulah ...

Looking back at Mawenzi and our path ...

Love this picture of Mel and Kilimanjaro!!

Outside our tent at Kebo Huts ... Mel getting all set for for the final summit! We had some sleeping to do before the final ascent!

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