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Sunday, April 4, 2010


We stayed overnight at the Garden Route Game Lodge located near Albertinia on the N2. If you wish to visit there, don't tell anyone that you know us. For posterity sake some of our trip must be shared and put to memory, other parts must remain unreported!!

Melina had been given these binoculars for her birthday for her trip to South Africa. We loved the binoculars.

Carolyn here demonstrating correct body position for seeing things with the binoculars. Pay special attention to the people behind Carolyn who are enthusiastically getting involved. Ashley, minus hippo-suite, and we’re not even sure of the other enthusiastic person! Someone thankful not to be on the same animal viewing vehicle as us! Worth a mention here that Ashley introduced us to the lodge and shared the wit and wisdom with us over our 24 hours at the Game Lodge! Thanks Ashley. The binoculars were quickly used to see some stripey horses which we deduced by the naked eye to be zebra, and standing beside the zebra was a rhino – perhaps undetectable with binoculars.

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