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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sam & Katie's Reception

On the way into the reception I was hoping to be way down the list on table 15! But when I looked on the list I was on table 2 with all the important people! It was a great table to be at! Sat between Uncle Hays and Aunt Linda Rockwell who happen to be good friends with Desmond Tutu!! Lots of good chat at our table and a lovely evening overall. It was really special to be able to be there for Sam and Katie's wedding ;-)

Sam & Katie

Katie's brothers gave a speech and then the Oches' sisters took to the mic!

If you look carefully (inamongst the greenery) you can see the star of the dancefloor ... Dr Barry Oches!!
Me with my my Ohio Mom ;-) (and my double chin!)

Kate and Asher .... Asher and Kate ....

Maria, Linds, me & Talinn

Grandpa and Linda

Grandma lookin' good!

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