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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Year's Resolution 2010: Skydiving

I have been talking about skydiving since before I moved away from Scotland! Prior to moving to the States, there hadn't been enough clear sky days to jump! So I've been mulling over it since then. After moving to South Africa I soon realised that this would be the most perfect place to jump! Near to Table Mountain gives the most amazing views and I'd have paid the money just for the half hour plane ride to see the coast line, mountains and ocean. On a wonderfully clear day!

A few pics before take off ...

Mark getting ready to go up ...

The landing spot (supposedly where you're meant to land) ... what a view!!

The guys who are meant to aid in a safe landing in the sand ... we made them run a bit!

Note to self!

My final farewell and it's off to jump out the plane ...

I'm not entirely convinced of the coordination of the photographing jumper and ourselves ... hence the pictures where I'm only half on there, or where there's a great picture of the tandem guy. I'm sure he enjoyed them all! Our photographers on the ground were brilliant - thanks Desire'!

I nearly made it into this picture!

As we came into land I had asked my tandem jumper if he'd ever landed in a tree ... I think he misunderstood the question for a request. Here are the "safe landing squad" running to help us as we screech to a halt and land in the bushes!

Full quota of successful physiology jumpers!

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